Automate with plain Java code and nothing else.

  • Use Java code to build projects and automate tasks
  • Model, refactor, reuse automation assets and logic across projects
  • Fast learning curve while incredibly powerful
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Full featured product

Jeka bundles an automation engine core with features around for dealing with Java compile/tests/packaging, dependency management, Maven pom/bom/repo, Intellij/Eclipse, Git ...

100% Java based

No need for XML or fragile scripting. Use IDE full force to code, run and debug your automation tasks written in Java.

Easy to master

Fast learning curve, transparency and simple concepts make Jeka easy to discover and troubleshoot with.

Designed for extension

Jeka is designed on a plugin architecture. Writing plugins for Jeka is much easier and less verbose than with other similar tools.


Tutorial, reference guide and examples are available and maintained in sync with Jeka evolution. Also Jeka provides rich command line help based on class introspection.

Open Source

Apache 2.0 License.


What is Jeka ?

Jeka (formerly Jerkar) is a Java build tool ala Gradle, Ant/Ivy or Maven. It differs by requiring pure Java code instead of XML files or dynamic language scripts to describe builds.

  • Execute Java source indifferently from command line or IDE
  • Powerful plugin mechanism and templating capabilities
  • Balance cursor between highly flexible and highly standardized build definitions
  • Multi-project support
  • Multi-level configuration to fit in enterprise environment

Jeka can also be used as a standalone Java library for those who just want to reuse its features within their own product/code.

  • Toolbox for file and I/O manipulation, logging, PGP signing, external tool launcher, ...
  • Toolbox for Java compilation, resources processing, test execution/reporting, jar/war packaging
  • Powerful dependency management fully compliant with Maven and Ivy
  • Zero-dependency

Take a look at screenshots

This is how Jeka takes place in your IDE. Java source code under jeka/def is invokable from your IDE or directly from command line.

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Start Here
  • Setup environment
  • Write commands
  • Write plugins
  • Build Java projects
Deep Knowledge
Reference Guide
  • Jeka internal behavior
  • API discovering
  • Detailed tool mechanisms
Get involved
  • Community
  • News
  • Ecosystem
  • More Documentation and material