Build JVM-based Software with Vanilla Code

Build Projects and Pipelines by writing just regular Java/Kotlin code.

Run or Debug in IDE. Execute Code as Command-Line

Master Complexity by Reusing Build Code

Enjoy Lightweight and Flexibility

Get started in 5 mn
Rich Features

Complete build tool ala Ant, Maven or Gradle with support for compile/test/package, dependency management, Maven pom/bom/repo, Intellij/Eclipse, Git ...

100% Java Based

No need for XML, fragile scripting or DSL. Use simply IDE full force to code, run and debug your automation tasks written in Java.

Designed for Extension

Jeka is designed on a plugin architecture. Extending Jeka can be done trough plugins or just by adding methods in build classes.

User Friendly

Lightweight, speed, transparency and simple concepts make Jeka pleasant to use, easy to discover and troubleshoot.


Tutorial, reference guide and examples are available and maintained in sync with Jeka evolution. Also Jeka provides rich command line help based on class introspection.

Open Source

Apache 2.0 License.

See in action

Screenshot of Jeka in action using IntelliJ plugin